The many products Google offers are so varied and fully integrated that they can possibly reunite you with the one you love. That's the impression Google wants to give off in its new commercial, called 'Coffee,' which uses 'Porch Song' by the Meemies.

In the 90-second ad, Jen receives an e-mail from her ex-boyfriend, Mark Potter. Claiming he hated the way things ended between them, he asks to meet her for coffee. She opens the shared Google Document, called "Reasons to Say 'Yes,'" which is a timeline of their history together. Links embedded in the document open up to pictures, YouTube videos, a map of their Italian vacation. Be sure to pause on the spreadsheet called "Times You were Right." There are some cute answers in there.

A Google Map of the North Side of Chicago is dotted with places of their relationship, with a yellow marker on the spot "Where things fell apart," a bench near Rosehill Cemetery. Mark expresses his regret at having spent too much time at work and not enough with Jen, and the spot closes with him asking, "how about that coffee?"

'Porch Song' is the first track off the Meemies' 2007 self-titled EP. Sadly, there is very little information about them online. Apparently they were a Los Angeles band fronted by a woman named Charlie Hilton, who never released anything other than the EP. Still, 'Porch Song' effectively captures Mark's heartbreak and desire for reconciliation.

Watch the Meemies in the Google Chrome Commercial