This week marked the opening of Google Chrome's Web Lab, and to mark the occasion, the search giant has launched an ad campaign dedicated to helping raise awareness of its latest cool gadget -- without ever really coming out and saying what it is.

The 79-second clip is vintage Google, featuring shots of seemingly random objects interspersed with computer screens doing ... something. It's designed to be cool and mysterious, and to help create that vibe, the filmmakers behind the commercial turned to Chapelier Fou, a French electronic artist whose stage name translates to 'Mad Hatter.'

The track heard in the clip, titled 'Les Metamorphoses Du Vide,' highlights Fou's knack for building soundscapes out of a combination of electronic and acoustic instruments -- entirely appropriate for a commercial promoting an exhibit built to educate people about the burgeoning capabilities of modern computing and the web.

Although Google doesn't come right out and say it in the clip, the Web Lab is a new installation at the London Science Museum that's been assembled as a sort of 24-hour hybrid exhibit/experiment which can be experienced from anywhere in the world. You can check it out at the Web Lab site -- and, of course, Google says it's best viewed if you're running the Chrome browser.

Watch the Google Chrome Web Lab Commercial Feat. Chapelier Fou's 'Les Metamorphoses Du Vide'