The Album Leaf's 'We Need Help' serves as the soothing background music in Google's fascinating new Self-Driving Car Test video, in which a legally blind man travels around town thanks to the technologically-advanced vehicle.

The gentle instrumental track with a pulsing beat plays while viewers are treated to a demonstration of the self-driving car. Steve Mahan, who has lost 95 percent of his vision, gets behind the wheel and the car takes off, cruising around the neighborhood. It uses radar and laser sensors to check for the presence of other vehicles at intersections. How can we get one of these cars?

Steve heads to a fast food drive-thru and eats a taco as the car continues on to the dry cleaner. He explains that the car would change his life by giving a blind person the chance to be mobile again.

The Album Leaf track becomes an afterthought as viewers get lost in the story of Steve and his self-driving car. 'We Need Help' appeared on 'Green Tour EP,' a six-track release that was sold only at concerts. The Album Leaf, the solo project of Jimmy LaValle, has had music featured in countless television shows and movies.

Watch the Album Leaf's 'We Need Help' In the Google Self-Driving Car Test