It took singer-songwriter Grant Olney six years to finish his sophomore album, 'Hypnosis for Happiness.' First, he was writing a lengthy dissertation on geometry and moved to Holland. Then, when he actually got around to recording, the studio he was working at caught on fire. It's been a frustrating path, but with the plethora of new experiences came vivid new songs.

'Not From Body' is one of those tracks. It begins with a simple piano melody, a bit of blues organ and a scattershot guitar, and then come the singer's matter-of-fact vocals, which resonate somewhere between your heart and left lung. It's a warm, inviting track and a perfect intro to Olney's work.

"Do you know the book 'Sphere: The Form of a Motion' by the American poet A.R. Ammons? I didn't know it when I wrote 'Not From Body,' but my girlfriend says she fell in love with me to the sound of that book, and I've thought the world of Archie Ammons ever since," Olney tells

"Sometimes, that's just how it happens -- you borrow a book from a library by a poet you don't know, take turns reading it aloud driving from Pittsburgh down to Texas, and your life changes," he adds. "You can't plan every piece!"

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