On Oct. 14, Los Angeles indie rockers Great White Buffalo are celebrating the release of their latest EP, 'Fangs.' Packed with four tracks that far surpass most new music today, 'Fangs' is a quick listen that will likely demand another (and another) spin. Ahead of its release, Diffuser is jazzed to partner with Great White Buffalo to premiere the EP in its entirety below.

"It was really cool to work with a producer like Hugo Nicolson," bassist Paul Hiller tells us. "It's our first time working with a real producer and we really took a lot of time crafting and honing the songs and the sounds."

That hard work has paid off; each track on 'Fangs' epitomize the essence catchy rhythms and unadulterated rock and roll. The influences are wide and varied, but Great White Buffalo put their own unique stamp on their brand of indie rock. Working with a veteran producer like Nicolson no doubt contributed to that sound. "He's worked with some of our favorite musicians including Radiohead, Beck and Father John Misty, and that makes it easy to trust his direction," Hiller explains.

And if that wasn't enough, the bassist knocks away any lingering doubts: "He has an English accent, so you know he's gotta be good."

Get details on Great White Buffalo's new EP, 'Fangs' -- and stay up-to-date with their upcoming shows -- at their official website here.

And if you're ready, go ahead and take 'Fangs' out for a spin: