In the same week that Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook went public and raised billions of dollars from its IPO on NASDAQ -- and lined his own pocket with a billion or more dollars -- he tied the knot to his longtime girlfriend, Priscilla Chan. When you've just added 10 figures to your net worth in a single day, you can hire just about anybody to perform at your wedding, and Zuckberberg may have done just that -- by having Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong sing a romantic serenade.

Video posted by TMZ (click on the link below to watch it) captures what sounds distinctly like Armstrong singing a touching love song for the happy newlyweds at their reception, although the clip was shot outside the party on the street and thus features no actual visual footage of the performance.

"Mark wanted me to play this song," begins the voice that definitely seems to sound like Armstrong's. A passing car blocks out what he says next, before he continues, "They are gonna dance, they're gonna dance. This song is one that I wrote for my wife on 18 years -- it better be for her, or I'd be in deep trouble. This song is called 'Last Man on Earth.'"

After a loud round of cheers, the singer serenades: "Sending all my love to you / You are the light of my life every night / Giving all my love to you, all of you / If I lose in a fire, sending all my love to you." Another round of cheers erupts, and with that, the video ends.

While there has been no confirmation that it was in fact the Green Day frontman singing on the clip, we would certainly place a billion-dollar wager that it was. And as for Armstrong getting paid for the performance, that is pure speculation. If it was in fact Armstrong, he very well may have serenaded the new couple out of pure romantic inspiration. Either way, there aren't many cooler singers one could line up for a wedding reception.

Congratulations, Mark and Priscilla!