Legendary songwriter Harlan Howard once famously noted that all any musician really needs is three chords and the truth -- and for proof, look no further than the work of YouTube user Chad Neidt, whose 'One Minute Mashup' series proves just how easy it is to connect many famous bands' biggest hits.

Neidt, whose previous mashups include one-minute distillations of the Blink-182 catalog, Disney soundtracks and TV theme songs, runs through a dizzying array of Green Day songs in this clip -- 21 in all, from '2000 Light Years Away' to 'Know Your Enemy,' with snippets of some of the band's best-known songs (including 'Time of Your Life,' 'Welcome to Paradise,' and 'When I Come Around') in between.

All in all, it's a pretty impressive display, and while it may be somewhat discomfiting for Green Day fans to realize how seamlessly so many of the band's songs fit together, it's also a testament to the group's longevity -- even with all these songs crammed into the mashup, Neidt barely scratched the surface of the Green Day catalog (and with three more albums due over the next several months, he already has some catching up to do). Check out the video, embedded below.

Watch His Green Day 'One Minute Mashup'