Drugs, sex and rock 'n' roll: It's all there in Gunslinger's new video for 'Breaking Through,' the lead single and opening track off their new album of the same name. The trailblazing Los Angeles-based duo of Anthem and Vidal toggle between DJing clubs and performing a genre of music they call "rocktronica," and on their 'Breaking Through' album, they lean towards the latter, turning in an eight-track set of dance-infused rock 'n' roll that recently dropped via Open Flame Music.

In the Andrew Baird-directed 'Breaking Through' clip, a seductive couple takes off on a wild adventure, cruising down empty highways in a vintage Trans Am en route to a cozy roadside motel in the desert, where a certain reverence for sinful debauchery takes over. Things get downright explicit inside the motel room, but Gunslinger's full-tilt pulse and big beats carry us through to the other side.

Gunslinger will hold an album release party at Los Angeles' Dim Mak Studios on Saturday (April 23). In the meantime, grab a free, exclusive MP3 download of 'Breaking Through' via the big button below.