In an interview with BBC 6, alt-pop trio Haim said they'll have a new record out "in the near future," which could mean anything, really. The news, however vague, will probably be met with joy by fans of the group, which has been hitting the festival scene hard since its debut, 'Days Are Gone,' came out last year.

"This is the first time we've ever written on the road," said Alana Haim. "We're going home in a month to start recording. I promise record two won't come in six years, it'll come very soon."

The ladies have plans to get into the studio next month in between tours. They're playing the Glastonbury music festival this weekend, and they hit the road again in early August, playing a scant seven shows in the U.S. Hopefully they'll be spending that time off working on that album.

While you wait for the new record, keep yourself entertained with this video of the band performing 'The Wire' on 'SNL.'