On last night’s (Feb. 2) episode of ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’, the late-night host brought back his beloved ‘Mean Tweets’ segment, wherein celebrities read less-than-glowing tweets about themselves. The latest round of tweets is Kimmel’s second music edition, and it featured everyone from Haim and Drake to Sam Smith and Sia.

Smith recited a tweet that read, “Trying to use the word ‘hate’ less often. Here goes: I thoroughly dislike Sam Smith.” The English R&B singer took it in stride, though, commenting, “Well done.”

Likewise, the Haim sisters didn’t sweat a particularly cutting tweet that asserted: “Let’s face it, the girls from Haim are ugly as f--k and perform like they’re orgasming.” Afterward, the youngest Haim, Alana, quipped, “I kind of like that though.”

Of course, both Smith and Haim should be able to let the ‘Mean Tweets’ roll of their backs, as the former is up for six Grammys this year, while the L.A. indie-rock trio recently returned to the studio to follow up their wildly successful debut, ‘Days Are Gone.’