Art-pop duo Harouki Zombi -- featuring Of Montreal's Nina Barnes and Azure Ray's Orenda Fink -- issued their debut release, an EP titled 'Objet Petit A,' back in October, and they soon followed it up with videos for both the title track and 'Soldier's Gun.' Now comes's exclusive premiere of another video, and this time around, its for the Deniallabs remix of 'Objet Petit A,' also featured on the EP.

The original version of 'Objet Petit A' is a deftly textured and undeniably catchy slab of goth-tinged electonica; in the hands of Birmingham, Ala.-based producer Deniallabs (aka Daniel Farris of the band Lunasect), the cut is stripped down to a darker dirge, grafted with jungle beats and deep bass grooves -- yet still strewn with plenty of hooks. The accompanying video is a hedonistic orgy of vibrant hues and bare flesh, featuring paint-streaked forest nymphs frolicking and writhing like women possessed.