Indie pop septet Belle and Sebastian have recorded a dreamy cover of the Primitives' 1988 hit 'Crash.' The track is part of the latest volume of the 'LateNightTales' compilation.

Set to be released on March 26, 'LateNightTales: Belle and Sebastian Vol. 2' is the second time the band will be featured in the series. Their first contribution, a tune titled 'Casaco Marron,' was included on the first installment in 2006, which they also curated. 'LateNightTales' is a compilation series where artists hand-pick tracks to be included in the ultimate late night mix. Everyone from Snow Patrol to MGMT to the Flaming Lips have contributed to the project.

Belle and Sebastian's interpretation of 'Crash' is very stripped down compared to the Primitives original. The electric guitars do not dominate the song as much as the '88 version, but that's a good thing. Listen to the song in its entirety below and judge for yourself.

Check Out the Primitives' Cover of 'Crash'