As you may have heard, the Flaming Lips are planning a star-studded double album for Record Store Day, including contributions from an impressive guest list that includes Nick Cave, Chris Martin of Coldplay, Yoko Ono, and Ke$ha. And if you've been worried about missing out due to your lack of a nearby record store and/or turntable, good news: bits of the album are starting to leak out online.

We'd like to draw your attention to Exhibit A, otherwise known as 'Ashes in the Air,' a collaboration between the Lips and the Grammy hoarders in Bon Iver. Through some manner of digital sorcery, it's currently up at YouTube, along with a "no infringement intended" disclaimer, so you'd probably better listen to it now. For your convenience, we've turned it into a stream -- check it out below!

And while you're enjoying 'Ashes in the Air,' you can enjoy reading the story of how Lips frontman Wayne Coyne is hoping to press a few copies of the album (titled 'The Flaming Lips and Heavy Fwends') that contain the actual blood of the band's collaborators. Ever wanted to know what Ke$ha's blood sounds like? Keep your fingers crossed.

Listen to the Flaming Lips + Bon Iver, 'Ashes in the Air'