Chamber pop singer-songwriter Corey Dargel will release his fourth album, ‘OK It’s Not OK,’ later this month. In the meantime, however, you can sample what’s to come by pressing play on his single, 'There's Nothing There,' below:

Dargel produced, wrote, composed and sang on the forthcoming album, drawing on a range of buoyant sounds, which can be heard in the new single. Check out ‘OK It’s Not OK’’s full track list below.

The singer has a couple of performances lined up, including an album release show on Feb. 7 at Subculture in New York City. Then, he’ll perform at the Fusebox Festival in Austin on April 10.

Grab ‘OK It’s Not OK’ when it arrives via New Amsterdam Records on Jan. 27, or you can pre-order it here. It follows Dargel’s 2010 double album, ‘Someone Will Take Care of Me.’

'OK It's Not OK' Track List
1. 'There's Nothing There'
2. 'The Opposite of Love'
3. 'Do You Have Any Reactions At All'
4. 'Until She Doesn't'
5. 'The Saddest Excuses'
6. 'On This Date Every Year'
7. 'No Feelings Grown-Up Enough'
8. 'Slow Down'
9. 'Your Discompassionate Arms'
10. 'Your Impression of Me'
11. 'I Will Only Get Well'
12. 'Your Profound Self-Doubt'
13. 'Upside Down'
14. 'Surely I Can Rebuild You'