Brooklyn’s appropriately named dream-pop trio Heaven create an otherworldly sonic experience that still manages to be entirely accessible.

After playing in numerous other bands, one of which they worked on together, Matt Sumrow (vocals, guitar) and Mikey Jones (drums) came together in 2010 to start making music as Heaven. Ryan Lee Dunlap completed the trio on keyboards.

The spacey guitar effects and synth, paired with Jones’ propulsive drum work, build themselves perfectly around Sumrow’s haunting, breathy, whisper of a voice, which is perfectly exhibited on tracks like today’s free MP3, ‘Colors in the Whites of Your Eyes.’

It’s an introspective tune that fades out in reverb, and it will keep you pondering the music well after your initial listen.

“This song is your own personal, pocket-sized nuclear explosion, made just for you, and no one can ever take it away,” Jones told “Unless you let them.”

Heaven’s debut LP, ‘Telepathic Love’ hits stores July 30 via Goodnight Records.

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