The last installment of Heineken’s ‘Road to the Final’ campaign proves that perseverance pays off. The two-minute ad follows a man through a rushed, eventful journey to the UEFA Champions League Final, during which he charms his way onto various modes of transportation to reach his intended destination. The clip features the tune ‘Kalinka,’ originally by Russian composer Ivan Larionov with a special arrangement done by producer Ben Tarrant-Brown.

The song was written back in 1860, and the much more recent version in the ad (watch below) features vocals by Belarusian folk rockers Sasha Ilyukevich & the Highly Skilled Migrants. “I wrote, played and recorded all of the parts based around the traditional song,” wrote Tarrant-Brown in a statement. “So my role is producer/arranger I suppose, even though I performed most of it too. The vocals were done by the wonderful Sasha Ilyukevich.”

Tarrant-Brown first emerged on the indie scene by playing in art galleries, warehouses and clubs, and he has gone on to arrange musical compositions for a number of big-name companies, including BBC, Sky, Nike and PlayStation. Visit his official site and SoundCloud for more info.

Hear Ben Tarrant-Brown’s ‘Kalinka’ (feat. Sasha Ilyukevich & the Highly Skilled Migrants) in the Heineken 2013 Commercial