A simple instrumental piano melody guides a new U.K. commercial for Heinz tomato soup in which a woman professes, "I love winter!" What's the name of that song?

The tune is called, appropriately enough, 'Toy Piano.' It was recorded by Future Sound of London, a duo known for an ambient sound that incorporates everything from classical to techno. The song appeared on their 2002 album 'The Isness and the Overness.' 'The Isness' was the primary release, while the double-album featured 'The Overness' as a bonus disc.

Twinkling piano notes open the commercial as the camera zooms in on a women standing on the sidewalk in the pouring rain. The woman explains, perhaps sarcastically, that she loves winter despite the bad weather. She says that the "numb fingers," "clothes more water than fabric" and "the wind that blows you backwards, chilling you to the bone" are forgotten as soon as she sits down to a warm bowl of Heinz cream of tomato soup.

Garry Cobain and Brian Dougans formed Future Sound of London in 1989. They released a number of albums on Astralwerks throughout the '90s and have continued recording on indie labels into the 2000s.

Hear Future Sound of London's 'Toy Piano' in the Heinz Winter Tomato Soup Commercial