In March, Hidden Hospitals celebrated the release of their debut full-length album, Surface Tension. Packed with 12 tracks that expertly blend raw heaviness with pristine indie rock, the record serves as a powerful introduction of the band to the world. Today (May 11), Diffuser is thrilled to team up with Hidden Hospitals to debut the official music video for the LP’s opening track, “Pulp” -- check it out above.

"'Pulp' is dreamlike until being jarred awake, like taking the rose-colored glasses off," frontman Dave Raymond tells us about the track. The accompanying stark visuals match the song's grittiness, making for a haunting listening -- and viewing -- experience.

"A big part of why Hidden Hospitals exists is because the four of us have collectively agreed that what we seek is outside of ourselves and worth striving for," Raymond says about the band. "It's exciting to me because this feels like the beginning." With this just being the start of things, we can't wait to see what the future holds for the band.

Hidden Hospitals have a handful of live gigs scheduled in the next couple of months, including a show at Octopus College Hill in Cedar Falls, Iowa, on May 16; you can grab their full tour itinerary -- and pick up Surface Tension -- and their official website.