Homeshake – the Montreal-based project of one-time Mac DeMarco collaborator and touring guitarist Peter Sagar – announced new album called Midnight Snack. The follow-up to last year's In the Shower will arrive in September.

Midnight Snack is a stripped down affair, according to Consequence of Sound, which premiered the lead single, "Heat." Where In the Shower featured slippery guitars and plonking bass, the new album (while exhibiting the same home-recorded feel) features Sagar's vocals, a synthesizer and a drum machine.

Lonesome synths have a way of creating their own worlds, and "Heat" lives up to its name – it's an instantly enveloping track that breathes just a touch of life into a chilly soundscape. "I wrote the words during a layover on my way home from tour," Sagar said. “I had been somewhere too far south for winter and didn’t feel the cold until I got off the plane in Detroit for my connecting flight to Montreal. Usually I can deal with the cold no problem, but I felt like sh-- and it made it worse."

The home-recorded quality of the song – along with its MS Paint-meets-Goodnight Moon cover art – lend it a kind of close, bare honesty. Check it out below.

Homeshake – "Heat"