Originally from Paris, France, Hooka Hey mastermind Hugo de Saint Quentin has jumped headfirst into the bustling music scene of Austin, Texas. With a steadfast focus on straight-forward and unadulterated rock and roll, we're excited to watch de Saint Quentin and Hooka Hey rise to the top of fans' radars -- and today (Jan. 27), Diffuser has partnered with Hooka Hey to premiere their latest track, 'Wrong Moves.' Check it out in the audio player below.

“The working title of ‘Wrong Moves’ was ‘Spiderman.’ It has that surf music on steroids kind of vibe,” de Saint Quentin tells us. “The song is about bad timing and feeling always a little off with things and people, like when you’re missing the jokes or at a party where everyone is drunk but you. I wrote this song thinking of those days where nothing seems to work and you always make the bad decisions. Thinking about it, it could nearly be a song about George Costanza ...”

After the much appreciated ‘Seinfeld’ reference, de Saint Quentin opens up about Hooka Hey’s latest effort, ‘Untamed’ (which will feature 'Wrong Moves'), their first in more than three years. “It contains five songs that blend rock, heavy blues and soul. They’re all pretty different but remain cohesive,” he explains. “There are some fast rockers but also some heavier and almost tribal grooves, some spooky tones, and some mid-Eastern licks. There is extensive use of electric guitars, bass and drums combined with a lot of effete for sonic diversity as well as a touch of keys here and there for atmospheric relevance.”

'Untamed' hits the streets on Feb. 10. You can get details on the new disc, as well as check out Hooka Hey's complete tour itinerary, at their official website here.