How does one destroy Nine Inch Nails? Apparently, all it takes is announcing the end of NIN as a touring entity "for the foreseeable future" and starting a new band called How to Destroy Angels. OK, so Trent Reznor hasn't completely killed off Nails, but while his most famous project is on hiatus, he's following his new muse -- which, by the way, seems to be officially written out as How to destroy angels_, with only the first letter capitalized and an underscore at the end.

The band's second EP, 'An Omen' -- officially known as 'An omen_EP,' in keeping with the distinct typographical pattern of the band name -- is due out Nov. 13, and you can check out the first single, 'Keep It Together' (or, you guessed it, 'Keep it together_') below.

How to destroy angels_ features Reznor's wife, Mariqueen Maandig, and longtime NIN cohorts Rob Sheridan and Atticus Ross. To be honest, 'Keep it together_' sounds a lot like a Nails track with a female singer -- not that there's anything wrong with that. In fact, it sounds pretty badass.

Listen to How to Destroy Angels' 'Keep It Together' Below