Sometimes an artist has a brilliant song, but it doesn't fit the current project he's working on. This seems to be the case for Tom Krell, otherwise known as How to Dress Well, and his track, 'Tomb for Anatole.'

"Here's an old song from 2011-2012 that I always wanted to put out but could never find a place for. It's a sad song but I really love it," the Chicago singer-songwriter wrote on Facebook.

Layers of vocals form a good part of the tune's melody while other electric sounds are added in to fill in any holes in the sound -- something that's been a bit of a signature for Krell. While it sounds beautiful, the lyrics aren't the brightest, which makes it an interesting addition to 'The LuckyMe Advent Calendar 14/15.' While the tracks are free, you can make a donation to Marie Curie Cancer Care, in honor of late American Men drummer, Robbie Cooper, who passed in April.

If you dig this song, you might like the other ones the Glasgow record label chose. And if that's the case, you can grab the whole album here.

Listen to 'Tomb for Anatole' below: