Modern life is a jumble of images, sounds and sensations, and try as we may to make sense of it all, there are times when it becomes overwhelming. Was that Subway sandwich shop always there, or did it used to be a Petco? And speaking of pets, why is my goldfish giving me the stink eye? Aussie goth-dub greats HTRK are no strangers to these types of questions, and in their new video for Finnish artist Mika Vainio's remix of 'Poison,' a tune from their 2010 sophomore album, 'Work (work, work),' they confront them head on.

Directed by Turner Prize-nominated filmmaker Laure Prouvost, the clip features seemingly random images of fish swimming in tanks, people dancing strange dances and severe weather wreaking havoc on city streets. Along the way, captions ask questions like, "Did you see this before?" Other snippets of text read "forgotten," "never seen this building before" and "you forgot what you were thinking." Prouvost "toys with concepts of memory, forgetfulness and repetition," as a press release states, and the mind-melting visuals fit nicely with HTRK's disorienting jam.

Vainio's 'Poison' remix appears on a 10-inch single due out next week on Ghostly International (pre-order it here), and band members Jonnine Standish and Nigel Yang have announced plans to release a new album early next year. Flush your fishie and hang on to your sanity for at least a few more months.