Hailing from London, Hunter and the Bear were in the music scene for barely 12 months when they had the opportunity to support the one and only Eric Clapton before he hit the road on a full-blown U.K. tour. As the story goes, Clapton’s fans actually missed his opening songs because they were standing in line waiting to meet the opening band and pick up their merch.

Since then, Hunter and the Bear's impact has only grown, thanks in part to their debut EP, 'Before I Come Home.' Now, they're gearing up for its follow-up release, slated to hit the streets this summer. Because we fell in love with the band as soon as we heard them, we are beyond excited to debut a taste of what's to come with their new material. Listen to Hunter and the Bear's latest track, 'Like a Runaway,' in the audio player below.

While they bill themselves as melody driven rock, ‘Like a Runaway’ is packed with soulful arrangements and powerful vocals that separate them from the pack; that's not by accident. “This was the first time we’d written a song from the starting point on an electric guitar,” the band tells us. “We put down the acoustics and went for something with a lot more balls.”

They go on, “We listen to so much old rock and roll. It’s music that you want to turn up as soon as you hear it. That’s what influenced us to write this song -- and it’s so much fun to play live. The whole band can really let loose and go for it. That’s what it’s all about."

In preparation for their new EP, make sure to catch Hunter and the Bear live if you get the chance. While they don’t have any stateside dates on their itinerary yet, we think a trip across the pond might just be in order. Get their full schedule here.

And if you haven’t yet, make sure to score their EP, ‘Before I Come Home,’ via iTunes.