Hurray for the Riff Raff played the second to the last set of Mountain Jam Sunday night (June 7) and made a fresh contribution to the various approaches to Americana that dominated the fest.

The centerpiece of the set was "The Body Electric," a song about confronting an entire country music songwriting tradition. "What's a man with a rifle in his hand / Gonna do for a world that's so sick and sad," Alynda Segarra sang, with conviction and sharpness that rang through the Catskills. "It might sound sad, but it's a hopeful song," she said. "I think anything is possible."

Dino Perrucci, Mountain Jam

And with the same conviction she sang "Ode to John and Yoko," overwhelmed in short bursts with a gospel sense of emotional abandon, on another sad but hopeful song -- a song about that hopefulness of love that nevertheless includes the line, "Yoko took the moon down from the sky/ Laid it down by her bed and cried." It was a set that venerated classic song forms without being afraid to challenging them to join the 21st century.