Touted as Australia’s best-kept secret, Melbourne’s I, a Man probably won’t remain a secret for much longer. We want to help make sure of it by offering their new single, ‘Less Travelled’ as today’s free MP3 download.

“My eager eyes, they’re open for the changing tides,” lead vocalist and guitarist Daniel Moss sings on the track. The emotional depth of the lyrics pairs nicely with the spacious sound created by the foursome (Ash Hunter on guitar, Simon Rabl on bass and Summer Fish on drums). The new single pushes the group’s alt-rock into new territories by incorporating everything from Krautrock to shoegaze and dream-pop.

“‘Less Travelled’ is the first track released from our debut album,” the band tells “The initial arrangement of the song is something we’ve had floating around for over a year or so. It’s got a pretty hypnotic motorik quality in the rhythm section, so we tried to make the other elements kind of impressionistic.”

“It lyrically delves into a few of the ideas that are looked at through the rest of the album,” they add.

I, a Man are set to release their debut album -- which follows the EPs ‘Fifteen Thirty-Three,’ and ‘You’re Boring Us All’ -- later this year.

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