I AM SNOW ANGEL, a.k.a. Julie Kathryn, is celebrating the release of her debut full-length album, ‘Crocodile,’ on Nov. 18. With this album, the producer, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist explores the relationships we have with other people, ourselves and the environment we live in. That relationship is beautifully captured in the brand-new music video for the title-track from her upcoming album -- and you can check it out above.

“On the surface, the song describes a crocodile stalking its prey,” Kathryn explains, “but at the end of the day, I think we’re all governed by animal instincts -- even though we pretend to be logical and reasonable.”

The video will likely take a couple of viewings to capture the complexities of Kathryn’s intention. “We explored this relationship between predator and prey, which is more nuanced and multilayered than it first appears,” she tells us.

‘Crocodile’ features all of Kathryn’s skills rolled up into one gorgeously produced track. Her vocals -- both exquisite and powerful at the same time -- shine in the midst of the synth-pop environment she’s created.

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