Who doesn't love Chanel? When it comes to the French house of high fashion -- which specializes in haute couture, luxury goods and fashion accessories -- it's not a matter of who loves Chanel and who doesn't, it's more about who can actually afford to buy it. Which is probably why Chanel commercials are so maddeningly and/or joyously abstract: to keep your focus away from specifics and drifting back to the overall allure of the brand.

This ad is for Chanel's Rogue Allure cosmetics line, but you can be forgiven for not realizing that after giving it a spin. It's hard to figure out what's exactly going on in the fun little clip -- it's more about keeping the brand's mystique alive and thriving. Helping accomplish that goal are the cool grooves of British electronic music duo Goldfrapp, whose 'Strict Machine' soundtracks the clip.

That tune is off Goldfrapp's second studio album, 2003's 'Black Cherry,' which pushed the band from its past ambient leanings and more firmly into the world of electropop, using a blend of modern and vintage to further expand its sound. 'Black Cherry' is still considered one of Goldfrapp's finest releases, and 'Machine' meshes perfectly with Chanel and its haute couture ambitions: classy all the way.

Hear Goldfrapp's 'Strict Machine' in the 'I Love Chanel' 2012 Commercial