The music of indie pop duo Mates of State is the perfect fit for Ice Breakers' new commercial, which shows the different types of comfort zones that are best for a breath mint.

The 17-second spot — featuring the band's song 'Palomino' -- quickly demonstrates the difference between public space, personal space and “Ice Breakers space.”  The commercial shows “Ice Breakers space” as the most intimate and the most appropriate for the few seconds before a first kiss

Mates of State are from Lawrence, Kan. and consist of members Kori Gardner and Jason Hammel. The commercial plays the chorus of ‘Palomino,’ the first track off of their seventh album, ‘Mountaintops,’ which was released in September of last year. The Ice Breakers brand isn’t the first to feature Mates of State’s music in an advertisement. In 2008, their song ‘For the Actor’ was featured in commercials for both AT&T wireless and Royal Caribbean International.

Mates of State will be touring the West Coast starting at the end of June. You can check out their tour dates on their official website.

Hear 'Palomino' by Mates of State in the New Ice Breakers 'Space' Commercial