"What goes down comes up again/ Don't you worry 'bout me, my friend." In what has to be the best song about partying until (and after) you puke since, well, "Party til You Puke" by Andrew W.K., "Let's Boot and Rally" features rock 'n' roll pepaw Iggy Pop and Cali indie-popstress Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast providing vocal duties for the latest swamp-rock stomper to be featured on HBO's "True Blood."

Written by Gary Calamar -- a KCRW DJ, 'True Blood' music supervisor, and self-described "weekend songwriter" -- "Let's Boot and Rally" takes a cue from Tony Joe White, Louisiana's swaggering response to Elvis, and borrows a fuzzed out guitar lick from the Iguanas playbook. (The Iguanas, as in Iggy Pop's whacked-out high school garage blues band.)

Like the best of songs about partying and/or straight up binge drinking, this track has a way of hacking into the brain by way of the ears and demanding the listener play along. Proof: This humble, usually tee-tolling writer just put his coffee mug to the side and twisted open an afternoon beer.

And for that alone, we're going to go ahead and call this one of the best, most surprising songs of the month.

Read more about the writing process of the song and give 'Let's Puke and Rally' a spin over at KCRW.