According to all available accounts, James Newell Osterberg Jr. is a very intelligent man. He listens to and has been inspired by a wide variety of music, including many jazz greats. He was present during the invention of the punk rock movement, which he helped start. And in many interviews, speaking as musical icon Iggy Pop, he is an articulate and thoughtful artist.

Knowing all of that, watching him speak to legendary interviewer Tom Snyder can be a bit painful. He fumbles with his microphone, seems confused at times and occasionally gets a bit lost in his ramblings. He also seems to be having trouble controlling his face muscles. The grinding of his teeth can't be a good sign either.

When Snyder asks him why he's bleeding, his immediate response is, "Huh?" And when he takes a sip from his coffee cup, he says, "What is that, water?" Then he swaps his water out for a tumbler full of some brown stuff that we're assuming isn't liquor, because who would be drinking liquor during a televised interview?

Despite all of these issues, Iggy does have some poignant moments. He describes his music as "Dionysian," explaining to Snyder that it's art that's meant to be enjoyed in the moment, as opposed to "Apollonian" art, which is static and unchanging over time. He also defends his slurred speech by noting that talking immediately after performing the way he does is difficult.

The stuff in that glass probably isn't helping either.

To his credit, though, Iggy Pop has continued to put out some great music. Back in 2007, he and the rest of the Stooges got back together to record their critically acclaimed comeback album 'The Weirdness,' and followed that up in 2013 with 'Ready to Die.'