Ikea's new U.K. commercial called 'Bright Shiny Colours' pays tribute to 'Flashdance' and 'Singin' in the Rain' with colorful dance sequences designed to promote the company's 2013 catalog.

Coincidentally, the clip features a song called 'Bright Shiny Colours' that comes from 99 Trees, which may or may not be an actual band.

99 Trees do not appear to have a website, Facebook page or Twitter account. The tune appears to be the work of creative agency Mother and music publishing company Major Tom, who most likely recorded the song specifically for the commercial.

The clip opens with a woman wearing a white leotard in an entirely white room. When she steps into a giant Ikea catalog, the colors being popping out. Before long, the ad turns surreal with giant plush singing lips.

The woman dances around to the music, which is actually a remake of a vibrant tune from '60s girl group the Shirelles, before diving into her dishwasher and turning into a cartoon. She reemerges with a 'Flashdance'-style routine as colorful blocks fall from the sky.

The 'Bright Shiny Colours' single is available on iTunes. It's the only track from 99 Trees available for purchase, and the artwork is a screenshot from the commercial.

Hear 99 Trees' 'Bright Shiny Colours' in the Ikea Commercial