In the week leading up to the release of their debut album, ‘Night Visions’ (out on Sept. 4), Imagine Dragons are writing a daily guest blog exclusively for Check out today’s installment from the band, a look back at some of past year's highlights from drummer Daniel Platzman.

We've had some wild times as a band in the last year. Fifteen shows in three days is madness, and we had a healthy dose of madness during SXSW this year. We ended up not getting much sleep as we tore through set after set, but what we lacked in hours of sleep, we gained in BBQ intake. We did our best to catch some music between sets and stuffing our faces, but at a festival as jam-packed with music as SXSW, one can never see all the great bands one wants to. You would think that with all of the stages so close together there would be noise interference from other bands nearby, but the crowds were so crazy awesome and loud that we didn't end up hearing much other music.  The love we felt from that festival will stick with us forever.

Playing on national TV as a guest on 'The Tonight Show' sticks out as another incredible memory. Every crew member was on top of their game -- that place is a well-oiled machine. Seeing the house band up close was a great as well. All of those musicians are fantastic, and Teddy Campbell sings beautifully while he's shredding the drums up. Meeting such an iconic figure as Jay Leno was unique, and shaking Charlie Sheen's hand is one for the memoirs. Being in the presence of people we've seen on TV our whole lives is a special experience.  None of us had ever really mingled with huge celebrities before, so it was pretty cool.