In the week leading up to the release of their debut album, ‘Night Visions,' Imagine Dragons have been writing a daily guest blog exclusively for Check out today’s installment from the band, their last of the series, written by guitarist D. Wayne Sermon. Don't forget: You can download a copy of the new album on iTunes now.

We're really looking forward to the next couple months. So much work and preparation has gone into making the album as good as we possibly can. We locked ourselves away first in making the album, and then in revamping and rehearsing our live show. Now is when we feel like we can have the most fun. We love playing live music. It's the reason we are musicians. We love the road and meeting all the cool people who spend their hard-earned cash and come to our shows.

We're all anxious. Not only because we want to get the new music in the ears of our fans, but we get to meet Jimmy! Yes, tune in to 'Jimmy Kimmel' tonight to see us play. Late night shows are always fun, and slightly unpredictable.