In the week leading up to the release of their debut album, 'Night Visions' (out on Sept. 4), Imagine Dragons are writing a daily guest blog exclusively for Check out today's installment from bassist Ben McKee, and come back tomorrow for more from the band.

We recorded 'Night Visions' at the Palms in Vegas. We had recorded one of our older EPs there, and it felt right to go back to that environment to record our first full-length album. We got to spend a lot more time in the studio than we ever have before, which gave us the opportunity to continue the writing process in the studio.

One song that really came to life during the recording process is 'Nothing Left to Say.' We came into the studio with a rough demo, but we really didn't know it would turn in to the song that ended up closing the album. We kept experimenting with different instruments and adding sections.

By the end, we had a song that was over six minutes long and included a 36" gong, viola and an acoustic group vocal section that's really different from anything we've done in the studio before.

Preview 'Nothing Left to Say' on the Imagine Dragons 'Night Visions' Album Teaser