Imagine Dragons have posted a new promo video for their forthcoming 'Night Visions' album that previews a snippet of music from the tune 'Bleeding Through' accompanied by video featuring footage of mountain tops and volcanoes erupting. They've also released the complete track listing for the full-length disc.

"I’d say now that the idea of putting out an album is equal parts daunting and exciting," guitarist D. Wayne Sermon said of 'Night Visions' during a recent interview with "We all listened to vinyl growing up — we put on the record and listened all the way through ... that’s something we want to retain, to keep the culture of the album going."

'Night Visions' drops Sept. 4 and will be available at all major U.S. retailers, with iTunes and Best Buy carrying their own exclusive editions each with two different tracks not available elsewhere. Fans interested in pre-ordering the album can do so online via Best Buy here.

Imagine Dragons 'Night Visions' Track Listing:

1. 'Radioactive'
2. 'Tiptoe'
3. 'It's Time'
4. 'Demons'
5. 'On Top of the World'
6. 'Hear Me'
7. 'Amsterdam'
8. 'Every Night'
9. 'Bleeding Out'
10. 'Underdog'
11.' Nothing Left to Say/Rocks'
12: 'Working Man' *
13: 'Fallen' *
14. 'The River' **
15. 'Selene' **

* iTunes-Only Bonus Track
** Best Buy-Only Bonus Track