In the week leading up to the release of their debut album, ‘Night Visions’ (out on Sept. 4), Imagine Dragons are writing a daily guest blog exclusively for Check out today’s installment from the band, a list of tour must-haves.

Road tours can be incredibly long hours, particularly if you are crammed into a vehicle with all your gear. To make the drives bearable, here are 10 things we can't live without:

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    Lots and lots of deodorant (especially for Platzman -- drummers are the worst)

  • 5

    Diablo 3

  • 6

    Water, water, water (the empty bottles help, too -- don't ask)

  • 7

    Sunglasses so you can act like you're important and avoid lame conversations with bandmates by pretending like you're asleep

  • 8

    Pink Starbursts

  • 9

    Football for rest stops (and throwing at the driver)

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