Apparently, some music websites have taken statements made by Jack White out of context, reporting on them dishonestly in order to garner extra clicks. This has gotten out of hand, at least according to recent Facebook post via White's label, Third Man Records.

The note addresses some of the inferences made by music bloggers about some of the things White has said and done in recent months. The notice starts out:

From the desk of The Third Man Council For Internet Regulation and Journalistic Integrity...

Friends, family, journalists, naysayers, believers, tweeter & ‘grammers… I know we’ve all enjoyed our game of click bait bingo with Jack White this past year… Freeze Frame Cubs Games, Tour Manager Guacamole recipes, Tidal, Poetry as Product Placement, Private Chats with Fans.. Whatever it is, fear not because you are in the age of instantaneous negative internet gratification.

(First off, on a personal note, I hope that someone within the "Council for Internet Regulation and Journalistic Integrity" circulates a memo on the proper use of ellipses. I won't insult anyone's intelligence here by explaining how to use ellipses correctly. I like to think that Diffuser readers lie on the far right of the intelligence bell curve.)

TMR's letter is understandable. Jack White is in maybe half of the music news headlines on any given day. He probably doesn't make it halfway through them every morning before finishing his cereal, but in our defense, the man is consistently newsworthy -- that's not a bad thing.

Third Man mentioned a few examples of out-of-context reporting done with the intention of dissing Jack White to gain some clicks:

It looks we’re there again with something that seemed harmless and innocuous enough: Jack went into a fan forum and did a Q&A with some fans. This has now ballooned up in the press in a way that is suggesting Jack is going to retire, Jack will never play festivals, Jack won’t speak to Meg, etc ad nauseum.. No offense to any journalists that are "just doing their job" in this current 1 hour news cycle environment, pull quote, tabloid atmosphere but this is what happens when you isolate aspects of a conversation between a musician and his fans in a private forum and put it out into the blogosphere in a sensational way. It completely changes the context and intent of those statements, and the conversation.

In response to this, here's a quote from the best space-themed cartoon of all time, Futurama: "Well, I don't remember any of that, but I don't have the wherewithal to defend myself."

Here at Diffuser, we're big fans. We've spoken up about our feelings on the general media's portrayal of White. And if we continue writing about him (spoiler, we will), it's just because we like him so much. Plus, this is the only job I can find that allows me to work in my underwear.

Read Third Man's letter in full here.

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