Talk about hype! When it was announced that Jack White had teamed up with acclaimed hip-hop director extraordinaire Hype Williams for the video accompanying 'Freedom at 21,' a song off White's 'Blunderbuss' solo album, the possibilities seemed endless. The teaser clip, which dropped last week, seemed to prove that all the anticipation would be lived up to. And now that the full video is here, see for yourself just what this meeting of the minds brings to the table.

It all starts off with what looks to be White cruising in a neon green muscle car, speeding his way around town and past an attractive female cop, who quickly flashes on her lights and goes on a high-speed chase after him. The pursuer and pursued enter a tunnel, some crazy stuff goes down, and then suddenly White -- who now clearly has a blueish face for some reason -- is getting thrown against his car, handcuffed and taken into jail by said attractive female cop.

But it only gets crazier from there. Blue-faced White is soon behind bars with another foxy lady -- who knew our criminal justice system had so many? -- while the normal version of him is pictured rocking a fierce guitar solo. Soon the guitar shredding is somehow equated to a not-seen-but-definitely-hinted-at sexual liaison, and then, next thing you know, White is free and back to cruising in his hot rod. We don't want to give away the end, but it's definitely worth watching. After all the build up, how could it not be?

Watch the Jack White 'Freedom at 21' Video