Curious what Jack White's solo album is going to sound like without the assistance of his White Stripes, Raconteurs and Dead Weather bandmates? Head over to iTunes, where you can stream the new 'Blunderbuss' record for free for a limited time.

The 44-minute album streams in one continuous play with no song titles displayed, so you'll want to consult the track listing as you listen. Highlights include the playful 'I'm Shakin,' the piano-laden barnburner 'Trash Tongue Talker,' and 'Freedom at 21,' a rock track with near-rap vocals that was released last week as a bizarre helium balloon single.

White previously said of 'Blunderbuss,' "It just happened one song at a time, like it always does, let the song be in charge and let the song tell you what you're doing and you're just a servant of the music at that point. When you think you're in control of the song then that's when you're making a mistake, I think."

iTunes users who pre-order 'Blunderbuss' will get an immediate download of the roaring single 'Sixteen Saltines,' with the rest of the record to follow when it's released next week.