Everybody involved with music streaming newcomer Tidal is getting pretty tired of defending it. In a Q&A on Third Man Records' website earlier this week, Jack White answered a bunch of questions about Tidal and addressed popular concerns, like why Tidal is more expensive than its competition and how it can help smaller artists: "I want to get all of [Third Man Record's] music on TIDAL, so those songwriters and musicians can get their songs to a bigger audience (remember most of those artists don't get radio airplay) and I want them to get paid royalties for their songs too so they can live," White said to that point.

Last night (May 23), White wrote a poem related to the matter -- the matter of music, not in response to Tidal -- called "music is sacred" and posted it on the Third Man Records blog. Here is the piece in its entirety:

music is sacred

those of you who stand for the sanctity of music

so that its soul can breathe

and be heard

so that it blooms in graveyards

echoes in hotel hallways

awakens neighbors in the night

and fills peoples minds with fire

shout it out loud with whatever microphone you have

or these stones will shout for you.

jump in front of demons,

and stand over cowards and those who would intend

to rip out your lungs and dampen your desire

tell the living and the dead

what you know in your heart to be true

and what you know your ears

will forever hear

that the melody of the human race

is a song that never ends.

music is sacred.

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