Part of the fun of being a record collector used to be knowing what you owned was actually worth something -- and Jack White has embraced that old sensibility wholeheartedly with his label Third Man Records, issuing all sorts of nifty limited-edition LPs directly to fans and creating instant high-priced collector's items. The latest example? The clear flexidisc singles he released via helium balloon last week.

Printed in a limited run of 1,000 copies and unleashed into the sky on April 1, White's 'Freedom at 21' single has started landing, and per his request, people who've found the discs are snapping pictures of themselves and sending them in to the Third Man website. They're also taking their finds to the resale market, where one copy is currently fetching over $1,850 with more than 35 bids -- and over five days left on the auction.

White has tacitly embraced this kind of thing in the past, selling his subscription series, the Vault, as an investment that's "more reliable than Wall Street" for subscribers who can turn a profit on the collector's market, and everyone expected stories like this from the moment he sent those 'Freedom at 21' discs sailing into the sky. Still, you'd have to be a pretty hardcore fan to hand over nearly $2,000 for any piece of music, especially one containing a track you're just going to hear on a regular album in a few weeks anyway.

What do you think? If you found one of these discs, would you auction it off on eBay? And if you didn't find one, would you spend that kind of money to own a copy?