Jamaican Queens 'Wellfleet Outro' [Official] from The Right Brothers on Vimeo.

We've seen breakup videos and the aftermath of a broken heart before. But electronic duo Jamaican Queens keep us locked in the depression stage of the grieving process with their new video for 'Wellfleet Outro.'

Directed by the Right Brothers, the video takes us on a journey through a relationship that starts good, turns bad and ends in retribution and a little bit of a happy ending. And the music give an extra eerie feeling as you walk in these characters' shoes.

None of the scenes are sequenced in order, so it might take a little while to piece together what really happened to the female lead. One thing that's interesting: None of the three main characters are completely innocent. It just all depends whose side you want to take by the end of the video.

'Wellfleet Outro' is the latest video and single from Ryan Spencer and Adam Pressley's debut LP, 'Wormfood,' out Feb. 11.