Is ‘Feelin’ American’ James Younger’s ‘On the Road?' Possibly. Hailing from Manchester, England, the singer-songwriter fell in love with America at an early age. He even told friends he was a descendant of the Wild West outlaw of the same name, who was associated with the likes of Jesse James.

After leaving England at the age of 21, Younger set off on the great American road trip. He hitchhiked his way across the States, all the while taking notes on the people and places he saw and the conversations he overheard. These scribbled notes would eventually become the pieces of his debut album, ‘Feelin’ American,’ which drops tomorrow (June 25) via Light Organ Records. We’re excited to offer an exclusive stream of the album here on

The sound is back-to-basics rock 'n' roll, powered by propulsive guitars and super-catchy choruses. Younger doesn't mask his influences -- there’s a little Tom Petty and a lot of the Strokes and Spoon. In the end, though, ‘Feelin’ American’ offers something that is singularly Younger, as we get glimpses into his romanticized vision of the U.S. and his clear knack for storytelling. It’s all a bit nostalgic (right down the video for poppy dance opener ‘Monday Morning'), but in the best way possible.

Take a listen below, because this just might be the perfect soundtrack for your summer road trip.