Even though New York City alt rockers Jarflower are releasing new music in 2015, their foundation seems firmly placed in the sounds of the ‘90s. This isn’t to say they’re not relevant in today’s scene, though; in fact, Jarflower take the best of what came out years ago and reinvents the music with their own 21st century spin, making for an unforgettable listening experience.

Today (Jan. 21), Diffuser is excited to team up with Jarflower to debut their brand new single, ‘Haunted.’ Check it out in the audio player below.

While we hear the distinct influence from the ‘90s, Jarflower believe ‘Haunted’ goes even deeper than that decade. “The song hearkens back to rock and roll’s bluesy roots with its raw and gritty vocals, driving guitars and pounding drums,” they emphatically explain.

The band goes on, “Combining a calculated heaviness and alternative rock vibe, ‘Haunted’ definitely packs a punch.” We couldn’t agree more. If you’re not instantly hooked on the new track, we recommend cranking that volume knob up to 11 -- that should do the trick.

‘Haunted’ will appear on Jarflower’s upcoming EP, ‘Contrast.’ As you wait to get your hands on the band’s new music, though, make sure to check out their debut, self-titled EP that hit the streets last year.