Louisville, Kentucky-based indie musician Jason Noble of post-hardcore band Rodan passed away on Saturday (Aug. 4) in Bethesda, Md. at age 40 after battling a rare form of cancer for three years.

Noble's family reported the news (via Rolling Stone) on their CaringBridge website. They wrote that Noble suffered cardiac arrest for the second time in 24 hours and doctors were unable to restart his heart. In 2009, Noble had been diagnosed with Synovial Sarcoma, which damages the soft tissues of the body, and he had received numerous radiation treatments.

Noble was a guitarist and vocalist for Rodan, an influential act responsible for the 1994 album 'Rusty.' After they split, Rodan went on to issue five albums with the band Rachel's, which utilized orchestral sounds to create chamber music, as well as with Shipping News, a side project created with Rodan guitarist Jeff Mueller.

In 2003, Noble said that he was still on good terms with his former Rodan bandmates. "I love those folks and we're from the same musical lizard egg," he remarked. He added that no unreleased Rodan music exists, aside from some live concert recordings. "I copy bootlegs for people and nice people send us show recordings that I never knew about. I'm lame also 'cause I owe many people tapes and discs as we speak, and for that, I want to publicly apologize."

Noble is survived by his wife, Kristin. His family hopes to remember him with friends and fans at some point in the future. They wrote, "Plans for a larger gathering to celebrate Jason's life is still in the works but is expected to be at least a few weeks out."

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