Vancouver singer-songwriter Jay Arner is pushing himself out of his comfort zone on his forthcoming self-titled album. In his Mint Records artist statement, the singer says that in the past, he's immersed and disguised himself within bands due to his shy personality. The intentions behind the record are clear in the album art, which is a close-up portrait of the musician.

With this record, Arner is laying all of his cards on the table and trying simply to be himself. According to the singer, the goal is to challenge himself as an artist and bring about musical growth.

The LP lands June 25, and today, we’re offering the tune 'Don't Remind Me' as a free download. As Arner tells, the song is all about regret, but you wouldn’t know it by the fuzzy pop sound and lack of time it takes for the chorus to get stuck in your head.

“This is a song about regret and its easier-to-stomach cousin, embarrassment,” Arner says. “It used to sound like a normal sounding song, but I took away all the normal sounding instruments and this is what you get.”
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