Jeff Tweedy has been in good form lately, releasing studio track after studio track from his upcoming album, ‘Sukierae' -- from the band known simply as Tweedy -- and he just debuted another one. 'Flowering' has that special snoozin' sound that Tweedy has made his own over the years, with a laid-back tempo and his rough-yet-innocent voice that elicits a welcome, pleasant melancholy.

This song shows Tweedy's talent for mixing different sounds, especially guitars, to get something maybe not quite new, but still refreshing. The fuzzy lead lines expertly blend with the simple acoustic strumming. 'Flowering' is the perfect song to listen to while drinking something cool on the porch and watching the fireflies dance in the yard. You can hear it here:

Tweedy has been steadily releasing singles  in preparation for 'Sukierae.' He's released seven so far (including 'Flowering'). The new album comes out Sept. 23 via dBPM Records. Pre-order the record -- including a limited edition colored double-LP -- here.

Watch Tweedy Perform 'Flowering' Live at Mountain Jam 2014