On June 16, Jessica Lee Wilkes released her debut solo EP, Lone Wolf, via Free Dirt Records. The five-track album is stacked with her raw brand of garage-flavored blues rock, a sound that could’ve existed in the ‘50s just as easily as it exists today. Needless to say, Diffuser is beyond excited to partner with Wilkes for the debut of the official music video for the EP’s opening track, “Groove’s Too Shallow” -- check it out above.

"I knew I wanted to shoot the video at Fry Pharmacy Recording in Nashville from the moment I walked in," she tells us. "Aside from being an excellent analog recording studio -- Lone Wolf was recorded there -- the timeless visuals were the ideal backdrop to match the gritty, soulful vibe of 'Groove's Too Shallow.'"

Wilkes worked with her friend and director, Joshua Black Wilkins, on the new video. "Being a musician himself, he knows what a music video ought to look like," she says. "Joshua was also the photographer for the Lone Wolf album art, so it's all one visual concept."

Lone Wolf is available now on CD and digital formats, as well as a 10" vinyl edition. You can pick it up here, and make sure to stay up-to-date with everything going on in Wilkes' world at her official website.