Some younger Jimmy Eat World fans were probably still in diapers when the band's early emo classic 'Clarity' dropped 14 years ago last month, and their sound has taken more than a few detours since. Jimmy hit big with in 2001 with their 'Clarity' follow-up 'Bleed American' (which was briefly renamed 'Jimmy Eat World' after the 9/11 terror attacks), and its hit single 'The Middle,' which added insanely infectious pop to the heart-on-sleeve emo ethos.

JEW finished recording 'Damage' (due June 11) last October, and 'I Will Steal You Back' is the disc's first single. It's certainly a little harder hitting than the bubblegum snap of 'Middle,' but it holds on to enough of the band's sound to be instantly recognizable to fans -- whether they obsessed over 'Clarity' in college or were potty-trained to 'Bleed American.'

Potty-training to Jimmy Eat World? It doesn't get much more emo than that.

Listen to Jimmy Eat World's 'I Will Steal Your Back'